English, Poetry


What is life I wonder
Who can define
Is it a feeling from the body
Or an illusion of the mind

How do I discover
The deeper truths
Travelling in wander
Is the way to move

How am I supposed to live
Contained in a tiny body
When my spirit is free
And my soul is on fire

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Prayer, Storytelling


My intention with this post is to listen to what my heart has to tell me. I think we’ve all been there, so occupied with our minds, the talking that never stops, that is so hard to get to a silent point and listen to what is really important, what is inside.

So, what is inside?

Inside there’s an infinite space. A space where everything can become real. And every emotion can be accepted and dealt with. A space of stillness and reassurance. A space of creation.

I believe we are the creators of our outside. We create our universe on the inside and watch it become real on the outside. Or on what we believe as being the outside. We create every little detail of our experience on that infinite space, where anything is possible. We create it by thinking it; by worrying about it; by defining it with concepts we accepted to ourselves. And then we materialize it and perceived it through our minds and body.

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Journal, Storytelling


I watch my hair grow and I think about my growing. I look around and I think about Canada. I think about thinking.

Uncertainty in the middle of a bliss. Like a dream, my life rolls by. I have beautiful views. I meet inspiring people. I also feel inspired and inspiring. Inspired to live, and to let go of security. I compare my moments now with moments I had before. I think about writing and the goals I had established for my life. Everything feels so abstract and yet so enchanting. I’ve been seeing the word “wonderlust” a lot. I realize I’m living the moment in wonder. This fascinates yet scares me. But living in wonder is what they teach on self-help books right?

After all, everything is uncertain, life knows how to renew itself and destroy things we judged immutable. There is no mean to fight.

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