Walking between the line of Mind and Spirit

I’ve always loved to tell stories. Whether they were strictly from my imagination or based on a real fact, my mind has always wondered to words and images to make real life just that bit more magical. When I was a child, it was those dreams of being in a stage full of people applauding me passionately, even though I have no idea (and still don’t know) what I was doing that deserved such a commotion. Sometimes it was through mind-reading strangers on queues, and picturing exactly what their life looked like outside of that emotionless bank where we happened to share presence for a brief moment. Stories would make me believe that there was something better, something extraordinary and mysterious waiting to be discovered in any mundane moment of life.

As I grew older, my stories would take me to different eras, characters, and stages. Being an actress was the only job I could see that actually represented life in its essence, something completely changeable and where we are all but instruments adapting to what the Big Director has in the plot. Through acting, I discovered many deeper layers of myself and had plenty of “awakenings” – if you will – kind of experiences that made me question and revise the origins and meaning of this enigmatic journey.

Acting brought me far on developing myself, but it wasn’t the career I had envisioned. At one point I realized that all those tales I was telling on stage or in front of a camera, could be lived in real time as I took charge of my own history.

My journey brought me to live in 8 different cities across 3 different countries; to experience many professions, countless inspiring encounters and enlightening moments. It made me navigate through much sorrow, pain, and joy as I explore the wholeness that it entails being a human.

As of now, I am a Brazilian Citizen and a resident of Vancouver, Canada. I’m a writer and coach-in-training, a lover, a partner and a friend. I am a continuous learner that believes in community, honesty, and realness as gateways to heal, inspire and create. I am so very honored and grateful to share my stories with you and to witness where the path will lead us.

Thank you for walking together.

With love,