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I watch my hair grow and I think about my growing. I look around and I think about Canada. I think about thinking.

Uncertainty in the middle of a bliss. Like a dream, my life rolls by. I have beautiful views. I meet inspiring people. I also feel inspired and inspiring. Inspired to live, and to let go of security. I compare my moments now with moments I had before. I think about writing and the goals I had established for my life. Everything feels so abstract and yet so enchanting. I’ve been seeing the word “wonderlust” a lot. I realize I’m living the moment in wonder. This fascinates yet scares me. But living in wonder is what they teach on self-help books right?

After all, everything is uncertain, life knows how to renew itself and destroy things we judged immutable. There is no mean to fight.

So I just surf with the ties. This powerful unknown energy will keep guiding our lives and showing unexpected ways to grow and develop as humans and as beings. For now, I’ll be contented in looking at life through a child’s eye. Everything is new and bright, and magic is happening all the time. My mind has no strength against my intense sense of presence.

So my hair will keep growing, and so will I. I have no idea what will be the external situations that will support my growing, but that doesn’t matter now.

And now is all that matters.


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