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As days go by…

I can’t believe my time in Victoria has come and go by so quickly!

I had very intense two months in this absolutely enchanting city. I fell in love, and how couldn’t I when spring is blossoming everywhere…


I embraced Victoria and was 100% honest when I called it home. I remember my first couple of weeks walking to and from school with my headphones in full volume. Feeling so grateful for having such a view of the flowering streets. I remember walking by myself through the most random places after school, quietly discovering the city and the many little magical details it has.


I had time to stay by my own. Time to organize my thinking and to try to figure who I really am. Time to listen and reflect with Eckhart tolle’s audio books. Time to just be.


Travelling alone it’s one of the most touching experiences someone can have. Even tough I didn’t know one single person before arriving in Canada, I don’t remember actually feeling lonely not even once.

I was so lucky to have the most awesome classmates.


The most cool neighbors and flatmate someone can think of.


And I can’t count the number of people I met in a few short months. After that first couple of weeks I engaged in a busy busy life. I joined a debate contest; received a very special visit of an old friend from my city in Brasil; ate delicious international food; fed snakes and other animals; and was busy trying to still be responsible.


But so far I’m doing a good job.

I was one oh the survivors of Noah’s Ark. I swear the whole Vancouver was under water on my perception.


Easy to guess my costume? I had an idea of a bird but no inspiration at all. We went to Value Village (also nicknamed costume inspiration paradise) and I found some perfect wings! I cut and knitted some colourful fabric pieces to it and was a bird! Love to fly.

There was one special week when I felt specially inspired. Any spare time on class would become a poem on my notebook. And my activities in classes became super fun.

Can you find the 13 different super powers in this butterfly?


And most of all, during my time in Victoria, I learned a lot!


Life is beauty!

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