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Walking and flying

After 36 hours traveling, a total of 17 hours flying in 3 different airplanes and many hours wandering around in airports I arrived in Canada’s third largest city:


I was pretty excited with the airport already, seeing all that native indian arts right after leaving the plane just confirmed my idea that the country I was arriving in is so cool to the point of maintaining it’s origins and showing it with pride. Or at least this is my first impression. I still had some good minutes waiting for the immigration to grant my visa, so I pretty much met and became instant friends with everybody on the immigration line. No bad time when I’m traveling.

After a couple of questions and showing my school’s acceptance letter to the lady on the counter, I had a study and working permit on hands. So let’s put it into good use!

The 36 hours traveling and all the fast food during this time didn’t affect my humor. I was still well rested and ready to meet the house and people I would be Couch Surfing with. For the website references I knew the house would be awesome, but it can always get better. So I left the airport lobby and together with my sweet korean driver we headed to the Bat Cave. And I was greeted by these guys:


Seriously, could I have found a better place? I don’t think so.

Other than 6 people living in the house (two canadians, one mexican, one french, one australian and a german guy) there was about 8 couchsurfers from everywhere. No way to feel lonely when arriving in Canada.

Wandering why the name Bat Cave? Because of this guy:

IMG_4937Of course he is almost always busy trying to save the world. So we don’t see him much. Apart from when he takes a break and come asking for some love.

Other than Batman, the house has others inhabitants:

IMG_4944IMG_4879Like a 17kg african turtle and Wess. Have you ever seen a giant turtle as a pet in a city home? Me neither. But this one is so sweet. Loves to be pet.

And about Wess, he is just like one of us. But in a dog form.

This is the house where I will be experiencing Vancouver for the first 5 days.  An experience itself.

Off to a chinese market (you can call it chinese amusement food park if you’re like me) to find some cheap food.

Canada, I think I like you…

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